Livestock Farming in Full Swing

Jagang Province is making achievements in livestock farming by taking advantage of the mountainous area.

As of August, it increased the number of goats and rabbits respectively 1.3 times and 1.8 times as against the period of last year and milk production at 121 percent.

The Kanggye Livestock Farm has created natural pastures and increased the number of goats of superior species by several hundreds.

The Kanggye Rabbit Breeding Farm is supplying many young rabbits to cities and counties in the province.

Besides, cooperative farms in the province are creating artificial pastures in a planned way to make preparations for growing domestic animals.

At present, efforts are being directed to increasing the species of grass-eating domestic animals such as goat, sheep and cattle and conducting the rearing and anti-epizootic work in a scientific way as required by the changing season.

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