Efforts for Prevention of Environmental Pollution

The DPRK is directing efforts to preventing environmental pollution.

The country makes sure that all the institutions and industrial establishments observe the standards of environmental protection and take strict measures to prevent environmental pollution caused by various contaminated substances and dust coming out in the course of products development, construction, production and business activities, life, etc.

Residential areas, parks, pleasure grounds and other cultural resorts have been installed with facilities to deal with various kinds of rubbish and sewage.

Water supply facilities are repaired on a regular basis to prevent non-precipitated sewage from flowing into rivers, reservoirs and lakes.

The Pothonggang Organic Compound Fertilizer Factory built in the capital city of Pyongyang is making a contribution to agricultural development and environmental protection by producing quality organic fertilizer with sludge of the Pothong River and deposit of a sewage treatment plant.

South Hwanghae Province is building a sewage treatment plant by introducing a biological purification. And other provinces are building facilities for purifying urban sewage and industrial waste water firmly preventing the contamination of sea and rivers.

The work of keeping and using agrochemicals are conducted according to the regulations so as to prevent organic pollutants or toxic materials from flowing into in the seas, rivers, lakes and reservoirs and sinking into the soil.

Ore mines are preventing environmental pollution by making use of recycled water in the settling ponds of residues.

The work of environmental protection in the DPRK is fully guaranteed by the law on environmental protection and other laws and regulations.

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