80-day Campaign Goes Full Steam Ahead

The 80-day campaign is now in full swing in the DPRK.

The campaign is an all-people offensive aimed at wrapping up the year-end work and greet more significantly the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which is due to be held in January next year, by further encouraging the spirit that was heightened with the WPK’s 75th birthday as a momentum.

It is the tradition of the Korean people that they performed unprecedented achievements by displaying high spirit and making strenuous efforts whenever they greeted the Party Congress.

The past Congresses of the WPK have marked important turning points in the development of the Korean revolution and State building as the Korean people have waged struggles of loyalty to bring about a great revolutionary upsurge in the run-up to the Party Congresses with a high degree of revolutionary spirit peculiar to them.

Their revolutionary enthusiasm and fighting spirit are now running high.

They are maintaining the steel-strong system and order for epidemic disease prevention by further heightening the atmosphere of mass-based campaign to check the inroads of the worldwide virulent epidemic and galvanizing all people into united conscious action in all parts of the country and making miraculous achievements in the sites for recovering the damage from natural disasters, turning adversity into blessings.

Farmers in the agricultural field are concentrating efforts on gathering all the crops they have cultivated all the year round and protected from natural disasters and making preparations for next year’s farming.

All the fields and units of the national economy, including metal and chemical industries, are making achievements in their efforts to carry out the tasks for this year, the last year of implementing the objectives of the five-year strategy for national economic development.

The 80-day campaign is going full steam ahead under the wise leadership of the WPK and thanks to the invincible single-minded unity, strength and wisdom of the Korean people who have become stronger in the face of ordeals and hardships.

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