Kangson Vibrant with Steel Production

The Chollima Steel Complex is boosting steel production.

Officials of the complex are making scrupulous arrangements to carry out the annual production plans by tapping all possible reserves and potentialities.

They are taking new, technical measures to operate machines and facilities at full capacity, adequately supply fuel, raw and other materials and instil creative enthusiasm in producer masses.

Officials, technicians and smelters of the steel workshop ensure that all the processes, including feeding of raw materials, smelting and ingot moulding, are dovetailed like a cogwheel and improve the operation and management of UHP electric arc furnaces and other electric furnaces and continuous ingoting machines.

Workers of the gas generator workshop operate machinery and equipment according to technical regulations and standard operating manuals to improve the gas quality, while conducting vigorous mass drive for technical innovation to increase production.

The rolling workshop channels great efforts into the technical management of heating furnaces and rolling machines.

Amid the fierce flames of collective competition, the complex is turning out more steel.

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