Important Projects Are Underway in North Phyongan Province

Officials and working people in North Phyongan Province are pushing ahead with projects conducive to promoting economic development and improving the level of their living standards.

They have already completed over 20 projects in the run-up to the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. They are now carrying on tens of construction and modernization projects during the on-going 80-day campaign.

The Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Mill finished tens of first-stage projects in a short period of time and started the second-stage project.

The province completed the construction of over 80 schools and is conducting the work to provide them with modern educational apparatuses and teaching tools.

Earth piling for the main dam was finished at the construction site of the Tongraegang Reservoir, and efforts are directed to covering the dam with stones and turfs and building the retaining walls of drainage canal.

The building of dams is in full swing at the construction sites of the Kujang Youth Power Station No. 2 and the Taegwan Power Station No. 1.

A project for roofing the rabbit-breeding building is at the final stage at the Thaechon Youth Rabbit-breeding Farm.

The assembling of equipment for biogas production and updating of production lines at the Kusong Chicken Farm and the setup of a new feed production line at the Ryongchon Army-People Pig Farm are going full steam ahead.

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