Merry Laughter of People Resound More Loudly

On September 7, Juche 101 (2012), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Thongilgori Fitness Centre nearing completion.

He looked round the fitness room, rehabilitation room and other places to acquaint himself with the provision, location and utilization plan of sporting equipment. Then, he gave valuable instructions on its operation, including the issues to find out and adopt scientific methods of using equipment that suit the ages and constitutions of people and properly conduct service activities so that working people can have efficient exercise and treatment.

Many working people will visit it for physical training and curative gymnastics, he said, adding that not only youth and student but office workers working in the rooms all day long will be able to dedicate themselves to their work in good health after doing exercises and receiving treatments in the centre. And he added that the centre should be run properly so as to ensure that a happy laughter of people resound more loudly.

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