Traditional Medicine

The Koreans have long since prepared Koryo medicines by making use of natural medicinal materials to improve health and treat diseases.

Koryo medicines with various ingredients can cure sick organisms in a comprehensive way, as well as the diseases that are hardly treated by means of Western medicines.

The Koreans acquired valuable experiences while preparing Koryo medicines and recorded their successes in medical books and enriched them.

A typical book is Hyangyakjipsongbang (1431-1433). It contains 10 706 prescriptions for 959 symptoms and names of 694 species of Koryo medicinal materials and their medical properties, indications, picking period, processing method, incompatibility, etc.

According to the medicinal materials, Koryo medicines are divided into botanical, animal and mineral ones.

Korea blessed with beautiful mountains and crystal-clear water is rich in medicinal resources. The number of medicinal materials used from olden times totals over 1 500.

In particular, Koryo medicines made of Kaesong Koryo insam, one of specialties of the country, are in great demand not only at home but abroad.

Today, Koryo medicine research and producing units across the country are developing and producing various kinds of Koryo medicines with high efficacy conducive to improving medical treatment and health of people.

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