Natural Monument—Sambang Gorge

Sambang Gorge, located in Kangwon Province of the DPRK, is a famous scenic spot for its singular and mysterious landscape of famous waterfalls, mineral water, and scarlet-tinged mountains.

The gorge is 25 km long, about 100 to 250 metres wide and 500 to 600 metres deep.

Its bottom is very narrow and precipitous cliffs face each other on both sides. The cliffs are granite formed in the Archaeozoic age and the Mesozoic age.

In this gorge are the famous Sambang Mineral Water good for health, Sambang Falls, Koum Falls, etc.

Its summer scenery is spectacular but its scarlet-tinged scenery in autumn is more beautiful.

Designated as a natural monument, Sambang Gorge is under protection as it is of academic significance.

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