My Desire and My Dream

“I have a desire. It is to study at a university.”

This is what Ham Jong Ho, who had worked at a unit in Rangnang District of Pyongyang, said four years ago.

At that time, he had studied very hard to prepare for an entrance exam for a university. One day, unfortunately, he had his two hands amputated by an unexpected accident. This being the case, he wearied out his days in woe at the thought that he had to give up his desire as it would be impossible for him to study without two hands.

However, one day, officials and teachers of Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry visited his house. They briefed him on a distance education, one of study-while-you-work systems, and advised him to apply for an entrance exam.

So, Ham took an exam and was enrolled at the online education faculty of the university in June 2016.

The day of his admission to the university, the dean of the faculty and other teachers visited his house again with a computer and other study tools to congratulate him. They inspired him with strength and courage and expressed their will to help him in his study.

But studying was not all plain sailing for him. He felt difficult in studying as he could not use his two arms at his will. So, he sometimes had an idea of giving up his studying. At that time, the university teachers and neighbours encouraged him to continue his studying.

Thanks to his painstaking efforts, he has got full marks each semester. He is now on the eve of graduation.

He says to his visitors: My desire to study at a university has come true. My dream is what I should do for the good of our society. I will make strenuous efforts to this end.

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