Appearance of Disaster-Stricken Areas Changes Day by Day

The soldier-builders of the Korean People’s Army seconded to the campaign for recovering the Komdok area are pushing ahead with the construction of dwelling houses in Thamsa-dong, Tanchon City at the final stage.

They built over 50 square metres of retaining walls and roads around the houses even under unfavourable conditions and buckled down to cleaning up the surroundings such as tree-planting and turf-laying.

Those in charge of building Kumgol Bridge No. 1 finished the concrete placing of its foundation and frames in a short period of over ten days and are now promoting the work to build parapets.

Besides, the road pavement by means of soil stabilizer in the residential districts is in full swing in the areas of the Komdok Mining Complex and the Taehung Youth Hero Mine.

The builders of Division No. 1 of Party Members from the Capital City completed in the main the construction of low-storey houses till November 2 and those of Division No. 2 took the shape of a new village more than 20 days after they got down to their job.

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