Japan’s Projected Constitutional Revision Slammed

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan desperately pursues the constitutional revision to specify the existence of the “Self-Defense Forces.”

A draft-making commission established within the headquarters for promoting the constitutional revision officially announced that it would draw up a detailed draft of four items such as “stipulation of the SDF in constitution” and “tackling of emergency situation” until the end of the year, before submitting it to the Diet for examination.

This is a dangerous and foolish act to make a legal foothold for overseas invasion and bring the dark clouds of a war of aggression by speeding up the revision of the constitution which the previous regime failed to realize.

As a war criminal state and a defeated nation in the Second World War, Japan is banned from having its regular army and exercising the right to belligerency.

This is clearly specified in Article 9, the core of its current constitution.

By amending this article, the Japanese reactionaries seek to vest the SDF with the legal status of a regular army and make sure that the SDF dispatches to carry out military operations in any parts of the world, unbound by the domestic law.

Herein lies the reason why the Suga regime is doggedly pursuing the constitutional revision to turn Japan into a military giant and perfect the legal and institutional mechanism for overseas invasion.

Prime Minister Suga is egging on the LDP to “buckle down to the revision”, while openly touting the “succession to the Abe’s line.” He also makes vicious attempts to gag the academic circles voicing objection to the revision.

The pro-revision reactionary forces of Japan have come under strong protests and rejection at home and abroad for their risky moves towards revising the constitution to a war-oriented one.

Opposition parties remain averse to the regime’s projected constitutional revision, terming it a senseless and intolerable act running counter to the long-standing rules and procedures of the constitution-screening body. They also doubt whether the revision of the constitution is really needed.

The Japanese reactionaries should lend an ear to the anti-revision voices at home and immediately stop the constitutional revision aimed at turning theirs into a war-capable country.

If Japan persists in swimming against the trend of the times, it will never be able to clear itself of the infamy as an “enemy nation” and a war criminal state.


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