Paper Production by Means of Microbe Culture

Many paper mills in the DPRK are producing paper by making use of such abundant raw materials as rice straws, corn stalks and reeds.

This paper producing method was developed by Prof. and Dr. Yun Won Chi, researcher of the Paper Engineering Institute under the State Academy of Sciences.

He was struck with a bright idea that locally-available raw materials could be used in paper production which needed much electricity, coal and caustic soda, and buckled down to studying the method by means of microbe culture.

He went round mountains in order to detect a microbe strain with great activity.

After finding out the bacterial strain, he made clear in a scientific way its cultivation method and completed the method for producing paper by means of microbe culture.

The method was introduced into paper mills across the country, winning public approval.

The veteran researcher who has devoted himself to developing the paper engineering for half a century is working hard to improve the quality of paper.

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