Measures Taken for People

This year, the Workers’ Party of Korea, which regards it as its mode of existence and its trait to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of people, has taken measures in succession for their sake.

In order to prevent the inflow and spread of COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the world, the WPK convened ten-odd important meetings of its Central Committee in a little over 9 months to discuss and decide the issues for protecting the lives of people. The Fourth Meeting of the Executive Policy Council of the Seventh WPK Central Committee held on August 5 discussed and decided on the Party Central Committee’s special provision of food and financial aid for stabilizing the living of citizens in Kaesong city which was completely blockaded, so as to prevent the inflow and spread of the malignant virus. As a result, large quantities of food, medicines and other daily necessities were provided to them.

Early in August when Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province was hit by flood, Chairman Kim Jong Un of the WPK inspected the flood-stricken area to assess the damage on the spot. He promptly took emergency measures for forming a powerful construction force and supplying the materials needed for reconstruction and stabilizing the living of flood victims as soon as possible.

Accordingly, officials of the County Party Committee and other county-level institutions yielded their offices to the flood victims for the latter’s living, and moved to tents.

When the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province suffered severe damage from Typhoon No. 9, the WPK convened an enlarged meeting of its Central Military Commission on September 8 and took a measure to dispatch the Korean People’s Army immediately to the area for reconstruction campaign. It also organized two divisions of the Party members from the capital city of Pyongyang and dispatched them to North and South Hamgyong provinces, with a view to stabilizing the living of flood victims who were left homeless due to damage caused by successive typhoons and floods.

Amid the vigorous campaign to bring happiness to the flood victims in reconstruction sites in different parts of the country, auspicious events of moving into new houses take place one after another.

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