Brisk RC Activities to Maintain Stability in the Face of Pandemic

The Red Cross Society of the DPRK is positively promoting the activities to protect the life of people and the security of the country from the threat of malignant virus.

It is directing efforts to publicity campaign for encouraging all the people to cooperate and help each other with self-awareness that they are the masters of the campaign for pandemic emergency prevention and maintain stability in the face of pandemic.

The disaster control teams of the RCS headquarters and its branches are taking prompt measures with a higher sense of responsibility and role.

The Red Cross volunteers are visiting families, nursing and educational institutions and cooperative farms in relevant areas to inform the residents and employees there of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and its danger, newly supplemented and updated hygienic and medical knowledge in good time to raise the public awareness.

They are also giving wide publicity to hygienic information for people to strictly observe such rules and order for infectious disease prevention as face mask wearing and handwashing in public places, and take an active part in the work of sterilizing passengers and vehicles at checkpoints.

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