Story about Blessed Village in Taechong -ri

On October 15, the flood victims in Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province moved into new houses. 

The following story is how such a happy event happened to them.

Early in August, a waterway embankment collapsed due to heavy rain that poured down for several consecutive days, with the result that hundreds of houses and farmland around Taechong-ri were inundated.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un phoned the chairwoman of the County Party Committee to say that he was informed of the situation in Taechong-ri and that he would soon inspect the area.

And he asked her to pass his message on to the flood victims that they should not lose confidence but settle down in their living.

On his arrival at the afflicted area, he drove his car near to the torrential stream of water and got off on the muddy road. While taking measures for rehabilitation, he stressed that, though it was suggested that 400 to 500 houses would be rebuilt among 800 inundated ones and the others repaired, it would be necessary to build all of them afresh so as to turn adversity into blessings.

He ensured that hundreds of tents were sent there. He also saw to it that the flood victims lived in the building of the County Party Committee lest they should feel any inconvenience in their living and that officials of the County Party Committee worked in the tents. And he urgently seconded some units of the People’s Army to the area and took measures for the supply of materials needed for reconstruction.

He sent the grain reserves of the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and entrusted the departments of the Party Central Committee and the families of officials at its headquarters with the task of supplying bedclothes, daily commodities, medicines and other necessities to the flood victims.

Inspecting the reconstruction site in last September, he stated in the following vein: We should neither discourage the victims nor make them feel inconvenience in their living even a moment in the fallout from the natural disaster. As our Party regards it as its motto to believe in the people as in Heaven and keeps them as its root, nothing is more important for it to live up to their trust.

And he underscored the need to push ahead with construction by launching three-dimensional and speed campaign and by adopting finish-one-at-a-time tactics.

A little over two months after the damage, the villagers in Taechong-ri were provided with new houses.

That day, Ri Un Ok, farmer of the Taechong Cooperative Farm, said in excitement: I was struck dumb with amazement when I was left homeless due to the flood. But today, thanks to the benevolence of our Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, misfortune turned into a blessing, bringing about another world of happiness to our village. Everything seems to me like a dream.

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