A High-Profile Piano Teacher

The International Competition “XXI Century Art” was held in Kiev, Ukraine in Juche 94 (2005).

When journalists asked the prize winners who would be very happy at the news of their successful piano performance, all of them replied that they must be their lovers, parents, brothers and sisters and teachers.

In the competition, Yun Jin Bok from the DPRK was awarded the first-prize for her successful performance of over ten compulsory pieces and a piece of her free music “Arirang”. She said that Chairman Kim Jong Il would be very happy than anyone else in her country.

At present, she is working as a teacher of Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

Her disciple Pae Yon Ju was awarded a special prize in the Vladimir Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition held in Russia in 2019.

She has brought up several students into winners of the February 16 Art Prize Individual Contest.

She is devoting herself to training promising reserve pianists.

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