Deep Trust in Educators

Today, a large number of university and college graduates in the DPRK are performing such laudable deeds as volunteering to teach at branch schools in far-flung islands and hard-of-access mountain villages and devoting themselves to the education of the rising generations.

Over the past ten-odd years, more than 1 000 graduates from universities of education and teachers training colleges started their career as teachers at those schools for a few pupils, not at schools in urban areas or their hometown.

Today, the number of such teachers is on the increase with each passing day.

Among them are Jon Hye Yong at Suun Island branch school of the primary school under Sinuiju Teachers Training College and Jon Pok Sun at Jamae Island branch school of Taedu Primary School in Hanggu District, Nampho City, who have been working in the lighthouse villages respectively for 30 and 40 years.

And Jong Mi Gyong, in the wake of her mother, has been working at Jonggok branch school of Wonphyong Senior Middle School in Unnyul County, South Hwanghae Province, and Choe Chol I and Jo Pok Sun, a couple, at Muji branch school of Kalsan Senior Middle School in Chongdan County, South Hwanghae Province.

In September Juche 106 (2017), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called to Pyongyang all of the teachers who volunteered to work at branch schools on islands and schools in forefront lines and mountainous areas and had a photo session with them.

Speaking highly of pure patriotism they have displayed with conscience and devotion as revolutionaries responsible for the future of the country, with transparent faith and white gem-like loyalty, he called on all members of society to give them prominence and learn from their revolutionary view of life and the rising generation.

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