Couple Designers

Creators of the Korean Industrial Design Studio have recently produced lots of novel and distinctive designs.

Among them are couple designers Yu Myong Hyok and Pak Song Rim.

The husband works at the architectural decoration design company and his wife, at the trademark design company.

It is their desire to contribute to the country’s prosperity by creating more designs.

Yu has created many stylish designs, including a design of cold-storage train.

Pak has also produced distinctive designs, including the logo of Koryo Songgyungwan University, logo of the Changsong Foodstuff Factory and an advertisement board of Pyongyang International Airport Terminal.

The husband specializes in building decorations and vehicle designs, whereas the wife in advertisement, trademark and signboards.

Although they work in different domains, they are always of one mind in creation.

They have discussions about designs even on their way to and from the studio.

Every evening, they hold “couple consultation”, a part of their life. In this process, when one of the couple was entrusted with a design project, it used to be a common task of them and to pool ideas through heated discussion for its completion.

Their works were highly appreciated in the national industrial design exhibitions. Yu’s design of electric heating Sinsollo (a cooking brazier) won the first prize, and Pak’s advertisement design of black garlic, the second prize.

They are now devoting themselves to creating designs conducive to the betterment of the people’s life.

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