By Turning Mountains into Useful Forests

Officials and working people in Changsong County, North Phyongan Province are turning all mountains into useful forests of economic value.

They are producing millions of tree saplings at nurseries built between forests.

They are also acclimatizing trees of economic value from other areas to make them conducive to improving the people’s living.

Every year, they gather more than 1 000 tons of wild fruits in tens of thousands of hectares of forests of pine nut, chestnut, wild pear and tara vine trees and produce various kinds of foodstuffs.

The natural health drinks and foods are stealing the public limelight in the capital city of Pyongyang and other local areas.

Thousands of goats and sheep and tens of thousands of rabbits are being raised on the grassland covering hundreds of hectares, and Koryo medicines are produced by collecting over 100 species of medicinal herbs.

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