A Day of Devotion for People

On March 21, Juche 103 (2014), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Ryugyong Dental Hospital.

He looked round several places of the hospital to learn about its medical services and management.

In a treatment room, he said it would be advisable to use dental plaque stain in removing the tartar from teeth, and in another room of prosthetics he asked an old woman about her health and told a dentist to give her a good treatment.

That day, he also visited the Okryu Children’s Hospital.

He acquainted himself with children’s diseases with high morbidity rate and other problems arising in the hospital management since its inauguration and took relevant measures to solve them.

And he earnestly asked its medical workers to take good care of children, the future of the nation, and bring them up to be stalwart pillars of the country by intensifying prophylactic treatment and giving good treatment to sick children.

His is the day full of love and devotion for promoting the people’s health and providing them with happiness.

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