To Turn Komdok Area into a Mountain Gorge City

The construction of dwelling houses is now in full swing in the Komdok area in South Hamgyong Province, removing all the traces of severe damage caused by the typhoon in September.

The day of their completion is drawing nearer thanks to the efforts of soldier-builders of the Korean People’s Army working with sincerity as if building their native homes and villages.

Looking at the Komdok area in which everything changes yesterday and today and by morning and evening, people recollect the devoted efforts of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the sake of people.

He convened the Sixth Enlarged Meeting of the Seventh Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea on September 8 after receiving a report on the situation of the severely damaged Komdok area.

Noting that the restoration of the Komdok area at the earliest date possible is urgently needed to protect the people and state property there and, at the same time, it is a pressing task that should be prioritized for reviving the vital economic lifeline of the country, he issued an order of the WPK Central Military Commission to enlist the People’s Army in the campaign for recovery of the Komdok area.

In mid-October, he inspected the reconstruction site in the Komdok area by travelling along the temporally-restored yet dangerous gorge railway. Noting that he could see the damage to the area was more severe than he had thought, he highly praised the labour feats of the KPA service personnel vigorously promoting the recovery project after completely removing the serious aftereffects of disasters.

That day, looking round the reconstruction site, he unfolded a far-reaching plan and blueprint for turning the Komdok area, the leading large-scale mineral production base, into a model mountain city in the country.

He said he would take charge of the project himself to develop, together with the People’s Army, the mining villages in the area into the world’s best mining, the world’s No. 1 mountain gorge city to be envied by all people. He called on the People’s Army to dash forward keeping step with the attack speed of the Party which never rests content in the work for the good of people and thus bring earlier the future of the country where all will live with nothing to envy.

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