Efforts for Wild Animal Protection

The DPRK conducted a comprehensive survey of 26 wildlife sanctuaries covering over 100 000 hectares, from May last year to the late April this year.

According to the survey, over 40 species of mammals such as brown bear, leopard and sable and over 200 species of birds such as goshawk, kingfisher and eagle were observed, and the number of pheasant, roe deer and water-deer increased much more than that of five years ago in the central part of the country and southward.

Besides, endangered animals were observed in the Sochang area of Phungso County and the Tongnip area of Paegam County in Ryanggang Province and the Konja area of Poptong County in Kangwon Province and, in particular, traces of a Korean tiger were discovered in the Rogya area of Kyonghung County in North Hamgyong Province.

As a result, new wildlife sanctuaries were designated in the areas with good biological and ecological environment. Experts plan to promote the work of wild animal protection by setting up ecological routes for ensuring the scope of activity of endangered animals and properly managing the sanctuaries.

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