Trial Run at Midnight

It was late at night in February Juche 107 (2018) when a trial run of new-type trolley bus was conducted in the presence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Noting that he could not properly estimate the technical performance of the trolley bus only at the sight of its outward appearance, he got aboard it together with officials and asked them to carefully examine it whether there were any shortcomings from the standpoint of people who would use it.

He feels easy and proud as if staying at home as it was made by our workers, he said, adding that he would be very glad and satisfied to see our achievements produced by dint of self-reliance.

He earnestly called on the passenger service sector in the capital to have the revolutionary outlook on the masses of always regarding their demand and appreciation as the absolute standard and the spirit of devoted service to them and strive to fully provide traffic convenience for the citizens in cold winter days in particular.

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