For Development of Gymnastic Dance

Jong Song Sil, a lecturer at the Sports and Art Faculty of Pyongyang Teachers Training College, has devoted herself to training future gymnastic dance teachers for decades.

She began to learn gymnastic dance at the age of ten, and won several national games. However, she failed to do so in international game because she set foot in the gymnastic dance too later.

She had always felt regret about this.

After graduating from Korea University of Physical Education, she was appointed to the college as a lecturer. She made up her mind to realize her dream and hope by training gymnastic dance teachers.

She regarded the expression of her students’ eyes as their judgment on her training instruction and lecture, and paid careful attention to their questions.

Her students asked her any questions without reserve.

Sometimes, some of them failed to keep pace with her exacting demands.

Then, she reproved them: In the future you have to locate children with a gift for gymnastic dance and polish up their skills. If you don’t develop your qualifications today, it will lead to decreasing the number of those promising talents of the country.

In order to train them to be educators possessed of theoretical and practical abilities, she accompanied them to the primary schools which have achieved successes in the national gymnastic dance contests so as to accept the opinions of teachers and learn from their experience.

In the course of this, she was honoured with the title of the October 8 Model Teacher and, later, promoted to be the head of a department.

She has written gymnastic dance textbooks for college, primary school and kindergarten, over ten reference books and more than 40 essays.

She is proud of an educator whenever she sees children and pupils trained by her disciples, making their appearance in the national performances.

Still today, she keeps devoting herself to her job.

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