Foolish Moves of Japan for Reviving Militarism

The Japanese reactionaries are openly pursuing the revival of militarism.

Suga, who took office as the Prime Minister of Japan recently, made a ritual offering to the Yasukuni Shrine on the occasion of the autumn ancestral rite day.

This proves that the island country remains unchanged in its black-hearted design to leave no stone unturned in order to instil venomous ultra-nationalism into the minds of the Japanese public, just as the former regimes did, and to launch overseas invasion by embellishing the crime-woven past and reviving the departed soul of militarism.

Dancing to the tune of him who revealed the ultra-right colours, other politicians of Japan were busy visiting and making offerings to the shrine and unhesitatingly spouting rubbishes inciting militarism.

Notably, the Minister of Defence let out sophism justifying his visit to the shrine, and the boss of the bipartisan lawmakers federation said before journalists after his visit to the shrine that he visited it with a wish that Japan and the world would be peaceful.

This is an intolerable mockery to the Korean nation and the Asian people who suffered pain inflicted by Japan in the past.

Far from feeling a sense of shame about its thrice-cursed crime and defeat in the past century and drawing a lesson from it, Japan, harbouring extreme grudge, has made desperate efforts to gloss over the international community’s demand for its atonement for the hideous crime-woven past, while getting crazy about distortion of history and pursuing reinvasion like the scenario for turning Japan into a military giant.

The regime of Suga is following in the footsteps of the former regime which perpetrated unprecedented “sins.”

The present regime has been praised by Abe for “making a very good start.” Buoyed by this, it attempts to step up the final completion of legal and military foundations for launching overseas invasion.

It set up a draft-making commission within the Liberal Democratic Party in a bid to revise the present constitution into a war-oriented one and seeks to shape its draft bill by the end of this year. It is giving spur to the moves for possessing the “capability for attacking the enemy bases.”

Madcap large-scale war drills of the “Self-Defense Forces” are being staged across the Japanese archipelago and in its surrounding waters and sky as preparations for overseas invasion under the pretext of getting familiar with the methods of operations for defending remote islands, space and cyber warfare and electronic warfare.

No matter how frequently Japan pays lip-service to “global peace” and justify the visit to the shrine and embellish its blood-stained past history, no country would be taken in by it.

Such unpardonable moves of Japan to turn the world into a theatre of aggression and massacre by reviving militarism will only evoke bitterer denunciation and repugnance of the international community.

No matter how much water may flow under the bridge and how frequently one generation may be replaced with another, the Korean nation and mankind will never forget the past crimes of Japan but surely force it to pay dearly for them.

The Japanese reactionaries should face up to this and stop running riot.


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