To Preserve Characteristics of National Costume

The Mirae Korean Costume Shop, a favorite haunt of women, is located in Mirae Scientists Street of Pyongyang.

Small as it is, it has been widely known among women for producing traditional clothes with peculiar patterns and designs and its high level of processing techniques.

Pak Kum Son, manageress of the shop, says: The Korean chima (skirt) and jogori (coat) reflect the noble national sentiments of our people. Of late, we are taking many orders from women for chima and jogori of orange, scarlet and other colours that give fresh feelings in autumn.

The shop makes wedding dress and holiday clothes by applying hand-embroideries, drawings and other decorating methods and colour patterns to meet the clients’ demands, habits and tastes.

The Korean costumes decorated with magnolia and pine, the national flower and the national tree of the DPRK, and other patterns on the cloth of light and soft colour represent the emotions and interests of the Korean people who are fond of elegance and purity.

Chima and jogori tailored by this shop are winning public appraisals in the national Korean costume show, an annual event of the country.

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