Snail Pays off in Organic Rice Farming

The Naejung Cooperative Farm in Yomju County, North Phyongan Province, is gaining profits by actively introducing the method of using snail (Ampullaria tischbeini) in organic rice farming.

Snail promotes the activity of rice roots and increases the contents of organic substances in soil to have a good effect on the growth of rice plant.

In recent years, many workteams of the farm have bred hundreds of thousands of snails by scientifically solving the problems of hibernation and feed for breeding snails.

This year, the farm released snails in paddy fields to improve the weeding effectiveness up to 98% by making use of biological features of snail which feeds on grass in water.

The chairman of the management board of the farm said: Since we introduced the organic farming method by means of snails into rice farming, we have used no or less chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals. In autumn we keep only breeding snails and leave others in paddy fields to improve the fertility of soil.

The farm has become a high-yielding farm and an exemplary farm for the whole country by increasing the per-unit area yield of crops every year.

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