Scenes Peculiar to the DPRK (4)

Anyone Can Fulfil Their Wish

Under the socialist education system of the DPRK, anyone can study free of charge and fulfil their wish if they have a special gift and talent.

In recent years alone, some DPRK children produced excellent performance in the Seventh Chopin International Poland Grand Piano Music Contest and Festival and DPRK students who participated in the 27th and 28th World Memory Championships and the internet program competition Codechef Challenge demonstrated high intellectual capacity of Koreans.

An overseas Korean who visited the homeland said that the policy of letting people learn free of charge throughout their lives is implemented only in the DPRK. Capitalist countries where money decides everything can neither imitate nor design such a wonderful policy like that of the DPRK. In those countries, poor children can hardly go to school or are forced to leave school in mid-course as they are unable to pay school expenses.   

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