The Dates of Completion Are Near

The DPRK is pushing ahead with the rehabilitation projects in the areas damaged by flooding and typhoons.

The soldier builders in charge of building houses in the Ryongyang Mine area concentrated their efforts on finishing the construction of 15 blocks of houses a few storeys high, thus opening the prospect of completing their projects by the end of this month.

The soldier builders who took part in the construction of multi-storey apartment houses in the Komdok area finished internal plastering of a 7-storey apartment building within 2 days.

The builders seconded to the reconstruction sites in North Hamgyong Province are directing efforts to placing tiles on the roofs and internal walls of houses.

Division No. 1 of the Party members from the capital city completed the construction of the framework of an apartment house a few storeys high by October 21 in Hochon County, and is simultaneously conducting covering the roof with tiles and plastering its internal and external walls.

Division No. 2 is concentrating its efforts on the projects it has been assigned in Orang County.

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