Motherly Party Integrated with Masses of People

The first secretary of the Amur Branch Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said: “The Workers` Party of Korea founded by great Comrade Kim Il Sung and strengthened and developed by Comrade Kim Jong Il has resisted intervention from outside forces and prioritized the demand and interests of the country and people in all problems.”

The chairman of the Swiss-Korea Committee said: “The great Comrade Kim Il Sung built the WPK into a mass political party of working people and Comrade Kim Jong Il developed it into a revolutionary party, a motherly party, which has taken root deep among the masses of the people.” 

The deputy director of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea said: “The exciting successes recently made in the DPRK are the brilliant result brought by the outstanding leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Un who has further developed the WPK into a motherly party forming an integrated whole with the masses of the people, a party that serves the people.”

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