Meteorological Information Service Diversified

The Meteorological Information Centre under the State Hydro-Meteorological Administration is making efforts to provide real-time meteorological information service so as to further promote economic activities of enterprises and provide convenience in the people’s living.

The centre gives natural disaster warning and offers meteorological information related to agriculture, the ocean, traffic and tourism with the help of mobile communications network.

It also gives data on meteorological information and various common knowledge related to meteorological observation to be used in practice to cope with ever-changing weather conditions.

Meanwhile, it offers meteorological observation, weather forecast and analytic data released from the administration through its website.

Subscribers get access to meteorological information necessary for their sectors in various forms and by various methods.

Most recently, it gave publicity to the weather conditions on Typhoons Nos. 8, 9 and 10 on a real-time basis, thereby rendering active services to minimizing the damage to be caused by natural disasters.

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