Flood Victims in Kangwon Province Move into New Houses

Flood victims in such disaster-stricken areas as Cholwon, Phyonggang, Changdo, Ichon, Hoeyang, Phangyo and Kumgang counties in Kangwon Province moved into new houses in over 810 blocks of single-storey houses and others a few storeys high for more than 1 670 families.

Ceremonies of moving into new houses took place on October 23.

Present there were Pak Jong Nam, chairman of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chae Il Ryong, chairman of the provincial people’s committee, officials of the province, local people in the damaged areas and builders.

Congratulatory speeches were made.

House licenses were given to householders at the meetings.

Speeches were made there.

People danced as householders moved into new houses amid warm congratulations by officials and working people.

Officials of the province who visited the new houses congratulated the owners, gave them necessities of life and shared joy as they were greatly excited to be given modern dwellings provided with all conditions necessary for their living.

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