Fish Farming Improves

The fish farming units in Pyongyang are making efforts to put fish breeding on a more scientific footing.

The Taedonggang fish breeding and pedigree fish supply station has introduced an effective method of producing protein-rich feed, built a gravity-fed tank favourable for spawning and, based on it, is conducting fish breeding and management in a scientific and technical way.

The Mangyongdae Cage-net Fish Farm provided a guarantee for putting the breeding of Tilapia on a scientific footing while increasing the output of fry of herbivorous fishes.

The Samsok Pedigree Fish Breeding Station is scientifically conducting the spawning, hatching and nutrition of fry according to the species of fishes.

The Junggu Cage-net Fish Farm has secured good species of fish and introduced advanced breeding method to increase the output per the unit area.

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