Useful Insect in Wide Use

Scientists of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences established a method of producing Hermetia illucens L.

It is stealing the limelight as a very useful insect in the aspects of environment and economic value as it does not do harm to man unlike other dipteran.

As its omnivorous larva propagates and lives in excrement of man and animal, food wastage, etc., it is widely used in the stockbreeding, fish farming and purification of polluted environment.

It contains 30 to 42% of crude protein, 19 to 37% of fat, over 10 kinds of essential amino acids, mineral matters, etc. Its maximum output per square metre is over 10 kg.

The lifetime of this insect is 35 to 40 days. But it eats feed only on the stage of larva for 10 to 15 days. This means its cost is cheaper than other protein-rich insects.

The extract of its unsaturated fatty acid can be used as the basic raw material of deluxe cosmetics and in producing bio-diesel oil.

Its larva, rich in crude protein and fat, can be used as feed for domestic animals by processing it into various forms after drying or as it is.

The substrate dregs containing the excrement of larva and the dead individuals after oviposition can be used in increasing the weight of domestic animals by mixing them with assorted feed in a certain rate. As a natural organic fertilizer, they can be effectively used in cultivating vegetables in greenhouses.

At present, fish farms under the Ministry of Fisheries and other units are gaining big economic profits by introducing the method.

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