Risky Attempt of Japan to Endanger Mankind

Japan is going to bring another terrible disaster to mankind.

Recently, the media of Japan reported in chorus that the Japanese regime has stiffened its resolve to discharge water contaminated by radioactivity from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant into the sea and is about to officially decide it at a Cabinet meeting within October.

Despite strong opposition of the local people and the international community, the Japanese authorities are making an attempt to discharge about 1.2 million tons of contaminated water from the atomic power plant.

What is grave here is that more than 70 percent of the contaminated water still contains such radioactive materials as cesium and tritium beyond tolerable limits.

In case Japan discharges such seriously harmful contaminated water into the sea, it will reportedly pollute the waters near the Jeju Island in several months and the whole East Sea of Korea in one year, and turn the whole of the Pacific into “the sea of death” at last.

Japan has already done a great deal of harm to mankind by failing to prevent the accident at the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant in 2011, which caused massive leakage of radioactive materials into the sea.

At that time, Tokyo Shimbun reported that the amount of radioactive leakage in the above-said accident was 140 to 190 thousand times greater than that in the accident at an atomic power plant in the US in 1979.

The Japanese regime was quoted by the local media as saying that all problems “have been solved” as regards the disaster of the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant. However, tens of thousands of people are still suffering hardship in shelters due to environmental pollution and the number of cancer cases is on the increase among those who returned home, in the fallout from radiation.

Not content with the fact that it has done serious harm to the global ecological environment, Japan is going to unhesitatingly discharge a large amount of radioactive waste into the sea. It is an open challenge to international convention and an unethical crime endangering the existence and safety of mankind.

This brings to light the true colours of Japan, a lawless state which makes no scruple of destroying the environment of the earth and endanger mankind in a bid to attain its egoistic goals.

Such impudence can never be tolerated.


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