Preservation Sites and Natural Monument Newly Registered

The Korea National Heritage Preservation Agency has registered three objects as preservation sites and natural monument.

Koguryo Well Nos. 1 and 2 unearthed in Rimhung-dong, Taesong District, Pyongyang, were registered as preservation sites.

The wells preserved their original state from the bottom to a certain height. Unearthed in the infilled parts of mud and sand were many pieces of red roofing tiles and earthenware used in the period of Koguryo.

Up to now, the wells discovered in Kosan-dong and the Jongnung Temple have been known to date back to the Koguryo Kingdom.

The recent discovery will make it possible to scientifically interpret the kind, structure and development of Koguryo wells.

The Pothonggang Medicinal Water in Pyongyang, which contributes to promoting the health of citizens, was registered as a natural monument.

As a weak alkaline water containing various minerals essential to human body, it gushes out 72 cubic metres a day, and its temperature is 12 to 14℃ all the year round.

The water is efficacious in treating chronic gastritis hypoacida and skin diseases.

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