To Enhance the Level of Medical Services

Kim Chol Un, director of the Hyongjesan District People’s Hospital, is devoting his wisdom and enthusiasm to enhancing the level of medical services.

Over the past several decades he has conducted more than 1 000 surgical operations and brought over 200 serious patients back to life.

He set the problems which had been raised in the treatment of patients as the subjects of his study and solved many of them.

Many of his inventions have proved effective in medical treatment.

He has made strict demands not only on him but also on other medical workers in order to improve their qualifications.

With a plan to shorten the treatment time and reduce the pain of patients, he organized consultations to introduce it into practice and ensured that Koryo medicine was positively applied.

As a result, several surgical instruments developed by the hospital, including a tool effective in treating ear, nose and throat diseases, were highly appreciated in the national sci-tech festivals and the national sci-tech achievement exhibition.

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