To Develop Bud of Talents

Kim Kum Song, a teacher of the Mirae Kindergarten in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, has been well-known across the city as she was good at cultivating the talents of children.

As she, from her childhood, grew up under the influence of her mother working at the Korean Artists Union, she had special attachment to the fine arts.

So, she became a kindergarten teacher after graduating from Pyongyang Teachers Training College. She started to find out children who were interested especially in drawing pictures and making paper handicrafts.

She applied rational teaching methods suited to the individual characters and tastes of children with a keen power of observation of all things and their inclination to reproduce them.

She paid close attention to Rim Song Ryong, who was fond of making something by cutting paper with scissors.

She was amazed by the peculiar talent of the boy whenever she witnessed him vividly depicting various pictures with pieces of colour papers.

She directed efforts to developing the bud of his talent while teaching him the basic principles of drawing.

As a result, he could make wonderful pictures of pine and magnolia, the national tree and the national flower, improving his skill day by day.

The collection of his pictures “I will grow up to be as stout as a sturdy pine” was highly appreciated in the national competition of talented children held last year.

Today, the teacher is devoting all her wisdom and passion to develop the talents of more children.

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