Japanese Reactionaries’ Ambition for Reinvasion Blamed

The Japanese reactionaries’ ambition for usurping other’s territory grows stronger with each passing day and with the emergence of new regimes.

Shortly ago, the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission visited the “exhibition of territorial sovereignty”, in which the data asserting that Tok Islets are “Japan’s own territory” are exhibited, for the first time after his assumption of office to openly reveal the attempt for usurping Tok Islets.

This is intolerable as it is a vivid manifestation of the invariable ambition of the insular nation to reinvade Korea.

This year alone, the Japanese reactionaries enlarged the exhibition to justify their ambition for territory and made nonsense that they hope the countries dissatisfied with it would visit and have a close look.

They specified in the diplomatic blue book and defence white paper once again the content that Tok Islets are a “part of Japan’s territory” and examined and passed en masse textbooks for middle schools which carry the ridiculous assertion that they have always been the territory of Japan.

They held meetings at the Diet to call for conquering Tok Islets, at which such war-thirsty remarks as seizing the island through war were openly made, and staged frantic war exercises while talking about defence and recapture of the remote islands.

Clear is the intention of the Japanese reactionaries who assert that the territories of other nations are theirs.

They are going to make an excuse for invading the continent by straining the situation with persistent provocation over territory.

Lurking behind the gangster-like assertion of “dominium over Tok Islets” is the revanchist ambition of the descendants of Samurais who have been engrossed in conquest and war after setting the policy hostile towards the DPRK as their national policy and invasion of Korea as a major strategy.

No matter how much Japan reels off the rhetoric about the establishment of stable relations with neighbouring countries and total solution of post-war diplomatic problems under the pretext of “peace”, it can never hide its ambition for territory, the nature of the aggressor state.

The hysteria of the sworn enemy that seeks for a chance to invade the sacred land of the Korean nation only makes the latter have their stronger will to settle accounts with the former.

The Japanese reactionaries should not act rashly, properly understanding the will of the Korean nation.


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