Continued Efforts for Protecting Aquatic Resources

At present, many countries around the world are directing efforts to protecting and increasing aquatic resources.

The research to increase aquatic resources is in full swing in the DPRK.

Researchers of the Academy of Fishery under the Ministry of Fisheries are paying close attention to studying pollack breeding with good prospect.

They provided a guarantee to increase the rate of survival and weight increment by studying the method of mass-producing early feed and assorted feed of highly nutritive value with feedstuff resources abundant in the country.

On this basis, the Ryonjin Fishery Station and the Komalsan Atlantic Salmon Offshore Breeding Station under the North Hamgyong Provincial Fishery Management Bureau have stocked the sea with millions of pollack fry.

The research for protecting and increasing flatfish is also in full swing.

Of late, researchers succeeded in hastening the maturity of seed flatfish.

They also opened up a prospect for breeding large numbers of flatfishes at fishery stations by simultaneously promoting the work to remould aquiculture tanks in favour of flatfish farming and enriching feed.

They are also laying a foundation for developing the breeding of by improving its hatching rate in an artificial environment and introducing a new prescription of assorted feed.

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