Farmers Move into New Houses

Kangbuk-ri in Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province, which suffered severe damage caused by the recent heavy rain and strong wind, changed its appearance beyond recognition.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un ensured that service personnel of the Korean People’s Army were dispatched to completely remove the traces of natural disasters in the ri seat and build a new village in a few months.

In September, he looked round the newly-built houses and repeatedly asked if villagers like them, even opening a pot lid in a new house and estimating the height of ceiling.

And, he wished the inhabitants a happy life with attachment to the new village and houses and the locality eternal good luck. He also took a benevolent measure to quickly make the people move into the new houses.

As the village has undergone a sea change, even the elderly villagers say they cannot find their old house site.

The new houses were provided to the villagers free of charge.

Today, the farmers in Kangbuk-ri are extending their heartfelt gratitude to the Supreme Leader.

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