DIU, Historical Root of the WPK

The Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), the historical root of the Workers’ Party of Korea, was formed 94 years ago when Korea was under the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945).

President Kim Il Sung, who embarked on the road of revolution in his teens with a great ambition to win back his country, keenly felt that it was imperative to form an organization and rally working masses around it and awaken them in order to liberate the country by dint of their strength.

He stepped up making preparations to form an organization by rallying comrades who would share the same will and fortune with him in his days of studying at Hwasong Uisuk School.

On October 17, Juche 15 (1926), young Korean communists of a new generation held a meeting to form an organization in Huadian.

At the meeting, Kim Il Sung suggested naming the organization the “Down-with-Imperialism Union”, abbreviated to “DIU”.

The DIU was a pure, fresh political organism of a new type created in the throes of a historic cause by young people of the rising generation who aspired to socialism and communism, for the realization of national liberation and class emancipation with the ideal of anti-imperialism, independence and sovereignty.

The immediate task of the DIU was to defeat Japanese imperialism and achieve the liberation and independence of Korea, and its final objective was to build socialism and communism in Korea and, further, destroy all imperialism and build communism throughout the world.

The members of the DIU launched positive activities under the guidance of Kim Il Sung and thus made great contributions to laying mass foundations for the revolution and promoting the overall Korean revolution.

The DIU’s formation served as the starting point of the struggle to found a new-type revolutionary party in Korea.

The DIU’s programme served as the foundation for the programme of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the DIU’s principle of independence the principle of Party building and its activities, and the communists of a new generation brought up by the DIU became the backbone of Party founding.

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