To Cope with Food Crisis

These days, food crisis is sweeping across the world due to soil loss and decrease in grain production caused by the ongoing natural disasters, climate change and flocks of desert locusts.

According to an available information, at least 820 million people are estimated to be famished worldwide as of June, and 244 million of them are under five.

Noting that there exists the real and dangerous possibility of severe famine, the executive director of the World Food Programme said the world is now faced with serious famine crisis, along with COVID-19 pandemic.

On the occasion of World Food Day 2020 (October 16), the FAO calls on all countries to pool efforts for sustained development of agricultural production.

The DPRK is directing great efforts to agricultural production every year.

It set agriculture as the major thrust area of socialist economic construction and is enlisting and concentrating all forces to this end.

In order to cope with continuous natural disasters and climate change, it ensures that scientific farming methods are introduced so as to increase crop yields.

Great efforts are being directed to creating the foundations for agricultural production free from crop failure by raising the level of mechanization in farm work and perfecting the irrigation system of the rural economy by means of gravitational waterways.

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