To Protect the Planet with Standards

Today, environmental pollution caused by large-scale industrial activities of human beings poses a serious threat to the existence of humankind and the ecological environment.

Proceeding from this, the ISO set the theme of World Standards Day 2020 (October 14) as “Protecting the planet with standards” in order to prevent environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance while ensuring socio-economic development and satisfying the people’s material and cultural demands.

The DPRK, in keeping with the increasing worldwide demands for environmental protection, is making efforts to standardize environmental management on the basis of a system for environmental authentication.

It set the serial standards of the environmental management system ISO 14000 as the national standards in 2007 and strives to put them into practice.

In order to control the negative impacts on environment by production and operation at all the industrial establishments across the country, it ensures that they establish an environmental management system and carry them out in an efficient way.

At the same time, it has set up a strict examination system of environmental authentication and is conferring certificates and badges on exemplary units.

The Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 was awarded the national standards 14001 concerning the environmental management system for the first time in 2010. Since then, many factories and enterprises have received the certificates of environmental management system, and the number is on the steady increase as the days go by.

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