DPRK Launches 80-day Campaign

The Korean people, who celebrated the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea as their grand auspicious event, have launched the 80-day campaign in order to successfully attain their fighting goals for this year and significantly greet the 8th Party Congress slated for January 2021.

The 19th Meeting of the Political Bureau of the 7th WPK Central Committee held in October 5 adopted a resolution on waging an 80-day campaign involving the entire Party and the whole country by the end of the year and sent a letter of Party Central Committee to all Party members.

The 80-day campaign is aimed at ensuring the people’s safety and their stabilized living and attaining the fighting goals for this year without fail by giving full play to their soaring mental strength and enlisting all the potentials, thus providing an occasion for a radical turn in promoting future economic development. Herein lies the important intention of the WPK.

It is the WPK’s steadfast will to firmly defend the people, hold them in greater respect and make them lead a happy life envying nothing.

In hearty response to the WPK’s appeal, the Korean people are now full of determination to carry out the fighting goals they set for the 80-day campaign.

The Pyongyang municipal army-people joint rally took place at Kim Il Sung Square on October 12 to make a pledge to greet the 8th Party Congress with proud victory.

Similar rallies are being held in all provinces.

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