First Visitor

Whenever modern structures are built in different parts of the country, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un would make first visit to them in order to acquaint himself with any slightest defects, worrying about whether all of them are favoured by the people or they would feel any inconvenience.

Late in December 2013, he inspected the completed Masikryong Ski Resort. When he got on a chairlift, the accompanying officials told him that it would be dangerous to get on it as it was on a trial run. However, he climbed up to the summit of the peak by the chairlift, saying that he would make the rounds of all the ski slopes to be used by the people.

At dead of night on one day in early February 2018, he oversaw a trial run of a prototype trolley bus manufactured by the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory. On a running bus he praised its technological specifications, saying that the trolley bus is comfortable and reliable, its shock absorber is good, it has no vibration and noise and its speed is all right.

When he visited the construction site of a modern recreation ground on Rungna Island in Pyongyang, he walked up the flight of stairs of water slides and specified the orientation and ways for construction, even drawing a picture on a piece of paper. He attended its inaugural ceremony and personally tried a revolving hawk in the amusement park.

As seen above, Kim Jong Un always gives top priority to ensuring the convenience and safety of the people.

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