Dream of a Female Doctor

Han Yong Ran has worked at the Sinam Polyclinic in Central District, Pyongyang after graduation from Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences. It is her dream to ensure healthy and happy life of residents in the area assigned to her.

Over past two decades she has devoted herself to the health care and medical treatment for them.

Seven years ago, she began to take care of a young patient who had a speech impediment and lost all senses of the body, due to an incurable disease. The treatment was difficult for her from the outset, but she stayed up all nights for several days to find out a remedy. At midnight one day, she made her way to the patient’s house. When she arrived there, the light has already gone out.

She had no choice but to return home. Early next morning, she went to his house again.

“The probabilities are against my son. Please, don’t pin any hope. There is no use in trying to treat”, said the patient’s mother looking at the tired doctor.

However, Han could not give up her job.

She devoted herself to the treatment of the patient for months. One day she heard him saying “M-u-m.” The needle fell to the floor from her hand. It was the first time for her to hear his voice. Tears trickled down like in drops.

“Thank you very much. Frankly speaking, I was afraid you, too, might give up”, said the mother, keeping her head close to Han’s bosom.

The medical doctor devoted her sincerity for the patient.

Today, she enjoys high esteem of the public as “our doctor”.

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