Army-People Meeting Held in Pyongyang

A Pyongyang city army-people rally took place at Kim Il Sung Square on October 12 to make a pledge to greet the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with proud victory by turning out in the 80-day campaign, in hearty response to the WPK’s appeal.

Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee, delivered a report.

He stressed the importance, mission and historic significance of the 80-day campaign in successfully concluding the year-end struggle this meaningful year and greeting the 8th Congress of the WPK with greater significance by further encouraging the revolutionary fighting spirit that was heightened in the lead-up to the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK.

He noted that the 80-day campaign geared to ensuring the safety of people and the stabilization of their livelihood has kicked off in the run-up to the 8th Party Congress for the first time in the history of the WPK, thanks to the noble intention of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who never rests content with doing things for the good of people.

He ardently called upon all the Korean people to make dynamic advance to greet the 8th Party Congress with proud victory by kindling the fierce flames of the 80-day campaign, true to the WPK’s appeal.

Oath-taking speeches were made.

Adopted at the rally was a letter of pledge to Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Party, state and armed forces of the DPRK.

The rally drew to a close with public procession.

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