Birthday Spread for a Flood Victim

One day in last August, Taechong-ri, Unpha County in North Hwanghae Province was hit by flood.

Looking at the swirling flood, Ri Pong Hwa, an old woman living in the village, thought that it was fortunate that she was saved by the help of neighbours.

At that time, an official asked her to go to the building of the County Party Committee.

A measure had been taken to put up flood victims in the offices of the County Party Committee and the County People’s Committee, public buildings and other houses so as to stabilize their living.

Thus, she came to the building of the County Party Committee.

On the morning of August 18, she received a birthday spread to her surprise.

From olden times, people said that one must consider oneself fortunate if one can have a meal and bed after suffering disaster.

As they suffered from the natural disaster, even her children could not think of her birthday.

Officials of the County Party Committee told her that she would be provided with a new house soon and wished her long life in good health.

The grandmother was deeply moved and said with emotion that she could be presented with her birthday spread as she lived in the embrace of the WPK.

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