New Owner of County Party Committee Building

In last August, Taechong-ri, Unpha County in North Hwanghae Province was hit by a flood, with the result that many residents were left homeless and lost their household goods in an instant.

At that time, officials of the County Party Committee told them that the State would build better houses for them and asked them to live in the building of the County Party Committee until new dwelling houses would be completed.

So, an old woman named Ri Hak Sun and other flood victims moved to the building of the County Party Committee.

Each room of the building had already been turned into a place for their living.

Living in a room, the old woman came to think of many things.

Benevolent measures began to be taken one after another lest they should feel any inconvenience in their living.

Every morning, officials of the County Party Committee said good morning to the residents and asked whether there was any inconvenience like their own children.

Busy as they were for rehabilitation campaign, they called on the rooms of the flood victims with various daily necessities prepared for them.

In the long run, the flood victims became the owner of the rooms in the building of the County Party Committee, whereas the Party officials, the actual owner of the rooms, turned into the owner of tents.

The grandmother said: Our country which values people most is the best and the Party’s embrace is our home.

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